Stop Motion Video//Hilarie's Helpful Hints 2012 Munchkin Masquerade Parade

Families + Vendors, get your images here! Cute kids in costumes + sugar to fuel the event! Whew--this was a whirlwind day for me. This was the second year I shot the candid's for Hilarie's Helpful Hints Munchkin Masquerade Parade at the Sports Basement in Walnut Creek. I went in this year with the idea that I was shooting for this stop motion video. There were over 650 families, and the only way to show off the energy and fun level was to throw over 1,000 images into a 3 minute video!

For families and vendors, there are a couple offers still available.

1. Receive a complimentary 5x7 from the event by 11/11/12. Fill out the contact form here and make sure to include your image number from the gallery and mailing address.

2. Enter to win a full session with gift print package! "Like" the Meo Baaklini Photography Facebook page and "Share" the HHHints Video on your own page.  Contest closes on 11/11/12 and will be announced on Sunday 11/12/12.


Good luck families!

2012 Hilarie's Helpful Hints Munchkin Masquerade Parade from Meo Baaklini on Vimeo.