Melissa & Benny//San Francisco Elopement Photographer

Golden Gate Bridge Wedding Engagement Photographer

Oh, I how I have fallen in love with my Aussie couples! This day started of a bit rough, with the whole BART strike and having to ride a Ferry & a Lyft to get to them,  but it was so worth it! Meeting my destination couples for the first time is a bit like an online romance. We speak back and forth, getting to know one another and working out details for their intimate wedding day. When we finally greet one another at the hotel room door, it's a bit magical! Nobody (except me) is stressed out, and the pace is so calm and serene. We spend the next hour-ish photographing details (aren't her sparkly shoes amazing?) and doing hair & makeup.

Our driver arrives and sweeps us off to Golden Gate Park, where we meet the officiant, Ken Jones. A small crowd begins to form as they realize they are witnessing two lives becoming one.

I'm not going to lie, I cry at every single wedding. It may not drop, but it does well up. I'm such a sucker for romance.

Post Stowe Lake, we hit the Golden Gate Bridge, where we photographed their "JUST MARRIED" shot for them to send to their loved ones back home in Australia. We cruised to a spot in the Presidio I have had my eye on for awhile now. The lighting floods through the trees and we laugh and try not to fall into bushes. It's quite the glamorous life sometimes.

Anyhow, Melissa & Benny, congratulations. I wish you two the best and I will come visit Melbourne one of these days!!




Preparation Hotel: Hotel Nikko

Wedding Location: Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

Officiant: Ken Jones with Lyssabeth's Officiants

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