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It was my first time ever hearing about the Albany Bulb. Situated by the Buchanan exit from Highway 80, the Albany Bulb is home to some amazing art installments and the perfect backdrop for Jordan & Phil's intimate wedding. ---------------------------------------------

What is the story of how you met?

We were both eager students in a Merritt College EMT class in 2004 (shout out to Demond Simmons).  We found we had some common interests (vegetarianism/veganism, Chinese medicine) and became study partners.  We were really good friends for a year and slowly fell in love after that.

What made you decide to elope?

We became engaged November of 2010 with plans to get married the following year.  From there we tried to start planning a small wedding, but before we knew it the obligatory guest list was 50+. After running into some money issues we decided to put the idea on hold (this ended up working out because it meant that Phil could still get financial aide so yay logic!)  We started talking about marraige again in 2013 since Phil doesn't have to apply for financial aide again and Phil just wanted to go to the courthouse.  Ever since I went to the Albany Bulb for the first time in 2002, I (Jordan) thought it would be really great to be married there so I started looking around for other options.  By eloping, hopefully no one would have hurt feelings because at maximum only 10 people could have come to a wedding at the Bulb, and I also get a bit shy expressing my true emotions so openly in front of a lot of people so it just made the most sense.  It will probably be one of the best days of our lives forever.

Is there any significance to the location you chose?

The Albany Bulb is Jordan's favorite place in the world so far.  It's a wonderful mix of urban and nature, ocean, city landscape, fields, trees, bird sanctuary, dog run, and innovative art.  It's a hodgepodge where the people who love it the most have put their stamp into making it a wonderful place.  Artists erect sculptures and paintings free of charte for the public and without worry of a permit.  Not only do we love the freedom of the location, but also the sense of community it embrases.  I wanted to get married some place that we could both go back to whenever we want and say "remember that? that was super fun".

Wedding Details?

Phil used his interview suit.  He bought the blue shirt at Ross and the ascot at the K&G Fashion Warehouse.  He bought his ring at Ancient Ways in Oakland.  Jordan wore a dress & headpiece purchased from (an Australian online store that sells adult fairy dresses, apparently the good stores to get a good adult fairy dress is in Australia).  She originally had her eye on a lavender one but the blue rainbow one was too good to pass up.  The bluebird pin was from her grandma who would always wear a bluebird for good luck.  Her ring was her grandma, Buddy Steinberg's, college ring from Hunter College in 1934.  The shoes are purple vegan doc martens (nuff said).  The blue bracelet was loaned to me by my friend Kendall who I know was kind of bummed that she didn't get to come.  The bouquet came from a dollar store purchase of fake purple flowers with a butterfly on it I had bought a while ago for an art project, surrounded by kale (our favorite food, eat it every day) from our garden.  Hair is somewhat of a hobby for Jordan and she ended up doing her own.  She even forgot to take out the pin holding up one of her curls which you can see in the first picture.  Jordan also did her own make up using primarily indie company Pumpkin And Poppy Cosmetics (  The tallit used in place of a chuppah was Jordan's talit she designed for her own bat mitzvah many years ago.  The cloth used to wrap the glass broken was also something Jordan inherited from her grandma. The personalized license plate on our car is as close as we could get to 3.14159...  One of the first times Jordan asked Phil how much he loved her, his response was "pi, because it goes on forever".  Our anniversary date will now be 6.28 (2xpi or tau. Jordan is the math nerd, not Phil)

What else would you like to share with couples who might want to elope?

Our best advice is to do it.  I've heard too many horror stories of weddings turning into obligations.  After our awesome day we got to go home and eat vegan donuts and watch cartoons in our underwear.  Would you rather do that or schmooze with a new extended family member you haven't seen in 15 years?  We still have the chance to celebrate with all the people who are nearest and dearest to us and the celebration is much less stress and goes on for longer than just one day.


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