Fusion Moments Media, Workshop//Emeryville Wedding Photography & Videography

It was a workshop unlike any other that I have been to. Also, a team unlike any other I have been a part of. You see, I've been a cheerleader (or as I like to say it, Che-leeduh Hun-nay), I've even been part of the drama team in school (lip sync anyone?), but this time I got to meetup with a group of crazy talented photographers and videographers, and we will be part of the Fusion Moments Media team.

A few of the things that stuck with me were the recommendation to watch some films by Kar Wai Hong, whose lighting style is something that is inspiring me to do some crazy cinematic couples shoot/video. (Now accepting applications for hot couples!)

(Still from In the Mood for Love)

Aside from all the awesome videos we got to see (Russian photo/videographers fist fighting at a wedding), we got to setup a story and photograph and film it.

My team consisted of two other guys, and we decided to make our couples film into a comedic style wedding day. (Well, as much as we could with 20 mins to brainstorm and film)

Here are some of the photos from our shoot.

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Models: Aneet Singh and  Rinkie Singh

Hotel: Emeryville, Courtyard Marriott