Sample Wedding Timeline


Please refer back to your contract for actual amount of hours booked. Timeline for illustration purposes only.

This is a general idea of how much time is needed to photograph each event of the day. Please keep in mind travel time between locations including if you have to shuttle multiple people between locations. There is a slight buffer built in in case something runs over into our designated portrait times.

You should receive your questionnaire along with any final invoices about a month before the wedding. 


Pre-ceremony: 1-2 hours

Candids, details and getting into wedding dress, groom prep (Dress, shoes, invitation suite, rings, sentimental items, cufflinks, hand written vows, etc)

*Please make sure to have the room as clean as possible upon our arrival. Have all details out and ready.

First Look into Bridal Party: 1- 1 1/2 hours

Placement, first look and then short portrait session in the area 

Depends on size of bridal party, but typical shot list is large group (both sides), bridesmaids, groomsmen and then bride + groom with each of their bridal party. If there is time I like to get a solo headshot for each bridal party member. 

Immediate Family: (Preferably pre-ceremony to reduce time post ceremony needed for family formals) 1 hour

Depending on family size and shot list. You will need to provide me a list for family photos before and after ceremony, if this is important to you to capture.

Ceremony: 1 hour

Most ceremonies are under 60 minutes, but this will vary depending on your traditions

Post-ceremony family formals: 30-45 minutes

Please provide your shot list. It's easier to do larger groups vs. individual families then they can be dismissed to cocktail hour to enjoy the party.

Sunset Portraits (just the couple): 20-30 minutes

Reception: 2-4 hours

This portion largely depends on your reception events timeline and how much open dancing you want covered. Typically, about 30 minutes into open dancing is enough to get the overall vibe of the party portion. 

Ending Shot: 15 minutes

If the couple is able and willing, I like to end the night with one nighttime shot to bookend the day :) This can happen right before I'm wrapped up for the night, not necessarily at the end of the night.

Other Info:

Transportation between locations:

This will vary case by case and will be discussed if I need to caravan with the bride or meet at locations.

Vendor meals: We typically want to be eating at the same time as you to avoid missing any speeches or events later during the reception.