Deluxe Wooden Heirloom Box

Deluxe Wooden Heirloom Box


The Deluxe Wooden Heirloom Box is an unbound album that allows you to present and preserve your beautiful unbound photographs. They are wrapped in cloth and slid into a hand made leather satchel and then placed in an Amish made hardwood case.

Think of it as your album and keepsake box in one. The prints can be inserted into the lid that also serves as a frame. Unbound albums allow you to keep adding to your story without the limitations of a finished album. As your family grows, keep your prints and mementos in one place. 

There is plenty of room for additional items such as your wedding invitations, handwritten vows, honeymoon photos and other sentimental items.


-Lace, handmade paper, 6 vials.

-Functional lid frame with two panes of glass. Additional matching frames can be ordered for $200. Fits your 8x8 prints

-Leather satchel with 50 8x8 unbound album prints. *Can fit up to 75 prints, additional may be purchased for $20 each. Lustre or matte finish available

-100 4x6 prints, additional may be purchased for $10 each


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Species and Finish:
Made from rustic walnut with all of it’s beautiful imperfections. We hand rub an oil finish that is made to wear, and return as close as possible to it’s natural state. A deep, rich flat finish that is designed to age from being handled and cherished.

Also available White Washed Northern Ash, Cedar, Hickory, Dark Walnut, Natural Walnut, Traditional Cherry and Black Northern Ash.