It’s fuckin’ empowering! I’ve booked multiple sessions for myself with my closest and most talented boudoir photographer friends and it’s different every time. It’s a way to let your guard down and all of the roles we play as women and just take a moment to embrace it.

I love to chat with my clients beforehand to get a feel for what they are envisioning and see if we can come up with something beautiful and sensual. A lot of women come to me wanting to do a session as a gift for their partner, but most of the time it’s really to feel good and amazing, gas yourself up!


We can go as natural or as glam as you want to take it. I offer hair and makeup as an add on or you can bring your own artist in (or DIY and I’m happy to provide tips for how to have makeup show up on camera)

Preparing for your shoot-HAIR AND MAKEUP


Location is a huge factor in how I would recommend styling you. If we are in a bright and airy AIRBnb I might style you differently than a red and black sultry hotel room off of the Las Vegas Strip. You feel me?

So let’s start there.

Where are we shooting? We can do it in your home, a hotel room, Airbnb, rental studio or rolling around outdoors somewhere (as long as we aren’t exposing anybody in public, we can find a nice private outdoor option so nobody gets arrested.)

Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas:

  • Loose sweaters and tees

  • Bra, bralettes + panties sets

  • Gowns

  • Teddys, gowns

  • Bodysuits

  • Implied or full nudity (white sheet or shower sessions)

Shop some of these popular brands: