BHLDN, Floral Crown, Bridal Hair and Makeup
BHLDN, Floral Crown, Bridal Hair and Makeup


Just a few things to remember before your upcoming session!


Hands & feet should be clean and manicured. Nudes or light colors work best (less distracting).


If you are the greasy/oily type, then wash the day of the session, but hair must be completely dry. If you can get away with a day dirty, then wash the night before.

Coloring and touch ups should be handled at least 3 days prior.

If you are styling your own hair, don't be afraid to tease it up and hairspray it good.


Clean & moisturized

If you have any sensitivities or allergies, please notify me immediately. You may also bring your own foundation.

Be careful with facial waxing, give yourself a few days in advance for that as well.



I have some pieces at the studio, but I encourage you to bring a suitcase full of clothing. Light, dark and pops of color. I will mix and match items to create our looks. Start with tanks, camisoles, leggings, well fitting tops and you're welcome to bring any gowns or skirts.

No wrinkles. No crazy patterns that will distract from your face.

Accessories welcome! Belts, jewelry, scarves...


Think about where you're going to hang your portraits. What types of colors are on the walls or in the room? You want everything to coordinate seamlessly into your home.


Any other questions, just holler!

Meo Baaklini is a photographer, hair & makeup stylist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The studio is located in Benicia,but always available for mobile services within the Bay Area.