The Way I See It

style + values

Walnut Creek Wedding Photographer

making moments last forever (like keith sweat)

There are times where I actively create and times where I am merely an observer.

I want you to have the images that tell your story in the most poetic way possible, whether that is a wedding or portrait session. My goal is to showcase your passion and soul, while honoring mine.


If it’s important to you, it’s important to me

Look, if you tell me this wedding is all about the tacos, we are documenting the tacos. #notacoleftbehind

Seriously though, I would rather photograph your dress on your body that’s full of life vs hanging in a window somewhere. However, if you told me you’re dying for that shot, then we will create it for you.

It’s your story, I’m here to facilitate, create, offer advice and strategize the best shot available.


well seasoned

I’ve seen it all. I have laughed, cried and rejoiced with my clients and their families year after year.

I could write a book with the hilarious moments that happen behind the scenes and no two stories would be alike.

I’ve shot in pitch black caves or high noon overhead sun. It’s all good, I can make the best out of any mixed lighting situation.