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Fusion Video//Amy + Elmer San Ramon Wedding Photography

I've been flipping a coin now for a year on whether to finally upgrade my gear to shoot video. I'm finally taking the leap to do so because I've realized how much more of a story I can tell through it. I didn't plan on shooting clips from this wedding, but when Amy let me know about a week before that her dad's health is in serious condition, I knew I wanted to give her something extra special. I rented the 7d from Borrow Lenses to test drive it. I literally practiced the night before, so I knew as long as I knew which buttons to push I'd be ok to grab some clips and the rest would be flying by the grace of God.

Now, first I just need to give a HUGE thank you to Marcie over at Marcie Lynn Photography for being my right hand wo(man) that day. I ended up doing the makeup for the bride, matron of honor (my cousin Ingrid-hey!!) and the mother of the bride. So, while I had my hands full, Marcie was a detail shooting beast!

We enjoyed a warm summer day at the community center in San Ramon, and enjoyed some delicious Fuddruckers that was catered! (A bride after my own heart!)

There were a couple key moments for me. One, I stayed choked up watching Amy's dad walk her down the aisle. Two, getting to pull him aside to ask him for some special love to send off to Amy on her video and three, their son Logan FINALLY opening up and getting his groove on the dance floor.




PS. The coin has landed and I am aiming for the 5dmkII ;)

Amy+Elmer San Ramon Wedding from Meo Baaklini on Vimeo.