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Benicia Boudoir PhotographerEast Bay Area Boudoir PhotographerEncore, glamour and boudoir photographerA couple years back I did a boudoir session for my husband's birthday. I just had a baby, so naturally was insecure about my body. A couple vodka shots and a corset later, my photographer made me feel sexy and gorgeous. We still keep our calendar up (even though it's the wrong year lol). I can't tell you how much I look back on those images and am so glad I didn't wait until I had the perfect body, size, shape or whatever other lie I told myself. Just do it, now. ____________________________________________________

I couldn't be more thrilled with today's boudoir session. It's a first for the new Benicia studio, so I couldn't wait to try out some new backdrops and our handmade skirts. Oh yeah, me with a glue gun, some flowers & feathers is magical. Marcie came through and saved the day to help teach me basic sewing 101. Yes, I even had to relearn how to tie a knot.

Back on topic. Officially calling my glamour & boudoir sessions "Encore".

I've been working on direction and style for nearly a year, and figured it was about time to name my baby.

I will be making a quick video showing off our new pieces and what outfits are in the making.

If you're on Pinterest, come follow my board to see what inspires me!


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