Mike & Mollie//Ahwahnee Hotel//Yosemite Wedding Photographer


It was my first trip to Yosemite, and aside from the fun car sickness I discovered I had, it was a fun little getaway. I assisted Deb for a wedding at the Ahwahnee hotel. Check out her blog post here over on Fun and Funky Wedding Things blog. It had a handmade Chuppah (Jewish tradition, symbolizes the home the couple will build together), and even an Aunt hand stitched her shawl before the wedding. The most memorable part for me was each guest held the rings and said a blessing out loud for Mike & Mollie. One woman said to make sure you stay best friends, because it helps when times are good & when times are bad. I cried (which I cry behind my camera at every wedding, I'm such a sap). Congratulations Mike & Mollie, and thank you Deb Huber for having me come out!

They wanted to be at Mike's wedding and dance. This was their way of honoring them.

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