Cassie + Ryder//Clift Hotel + Golden Gate Park Wedding Photography

clift hotel posh wedding san francisco ryder and cassie -2

Awww, I've been DYING to blog this one. Thank you comcast for sending out your 4 finest technicians and 11 new modem/routers and still leaving us with no wifi. Moving right along...Have I told you how much I freaking  love that this is my job??? Esme and I arrived at the posh Clift Hotel to meet Cassie and Ryder. We had a morning of hair and makeup goodness, followed by some whiskey sampling. I must say Wyoming (or was it Wisconsin?) makes a delish whiskey goodness. *Just a taste, didn't want her lashes to get glued to the wrong place you know?

Her dress was a beautiful BCBG art deco dress that made her look like bronze goddess. We topped her outfit with a messy side bun, with loose tendrils and a smokey neutral eye.

Ryder looked like the freakin' man with his pink tie. He owned it.

Well enough talking, here are some of the images from their day.

Assisted by Esme Franco

Locations: Clift Hotel + Golden Gate Park/Stow Lake

Officiated by Ken Jones with Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants