ready to book

1. We find a date and time

2. I'll send you some package options, an electronic contract + an invoice. These BOTH have to be received to officially reserve your spot.

*Similar process for weddings + portraits 

turnaround times

Complimentary sneak peeks-not guaranteed, but I try to get something out within a business day. 

Proofs- Portraits are 7-10 business days

Weddings- 30-45 days (spring to fall/peak season can take up to 45 days)

Product orders vary per item and can be quoted at booking.


Everything that leaves my computer has been color corrected, cropped (if needed) and basic portrait retouching on key images.


Minor temporary skin blemishes (within reason, I will not over process to make you plastic) 

Minor distractions (trash cans etc....)

Minor photoshopping on key images or ordered images (extra skin hangover, mild double chin action)


I do not do extensive digital cosmetic surgery. If you need to look thinner, head swaps for group photos, removal of tattoos etc...then a quote will be provided per image from a professional retoucher. On average I've seen $15-$25 per image.

I do NOT provide a client with raw images (commercial clients exception). 



I have hand selected every single one of my vendors for quality, customer service and customization options. 

Digital + printed images are available.

Filters and editing: At no time is it ever ok to edit or retouch an image without permission. It would be like getting home and deciding to add  your own colors and strokes on top of a finished painting. 

Screenshots + printing: Please don't screenshot or print proofs that have not been paid for. 


Chances are you found me because you saw someone else's images. My prices are reflective that I will also have the same usage permissions from your session as well (boudoir is the exception).

No worries, I don't use last names (and often will just use first initial, unless you approve to tag you on social media)

I know some clients require great privacy and will have an option for limited usage with a tiered structure.

Check your contract for a more detailed break down