Founded by a girl with a passion to document moments and make them last forever (like Keith Sweat).

 Photo by Retrospect Images

Photo by Retrospect Images

I freaking love my job. I get to watch stories unfold and retell them in my photographic voice. 

I've witnessed parents falling more in love with their children by the way they look into their eyes. It happens when they hold them or when they see their babies all grown up on their wedding day. I have to be honest, it chokes me up every time.

Education and training

My formal training comes from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, but my understanding and passion for art is something that was nurtured well before I stepped foot on campus. 

I keep my education fresh from workshops, classes and learning hands on with other crazy talented artists. 

Other Fun Facts

-I listen to hip hop really loud on the way to weddings. Really, really loud hip hop. 

-My shoulder shimmy shake game is strong on the dancefloor.

-I own a Nicolas Cage rubber stamp. Also, a Jon Hamm coloring book. Don't ask.

-I was raised in Vegas (which is why I've fallen in love with the Bay Area & seeing water every day)

-I'm Filipino and French (which means I love karaoke and good perfume. This also means I will sing every song from the 90's-00's at your wedding reception. Keep me away from the Dj's microphone)



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Meo (to answer your question, it's Me-oh. Rhymes with Neo)