about MEO

Founded by a girl with a passion to document moments and make them last forever (like Keith Sweat).

I freaking love my job. I get to create, document, and fulfill my client's visions for a living. It sounds so boring reading that, but the real life that happens in between those commas is so vibrant.

Relationships are formed and I've met some amazing people that I am going to keep forever. (Yes, I'm gonna love you, squeeze you, feed you + tell you you're pretty)

Where I'm ComInG From:

I've been fascinated with the idea of recording and playing back moments of time since I was in Kindergarten. I used to watch Princess Bride on VHS and then sync up that  PLAY/RECORD button on my little cassette recorder and listen all day long. Thankfully that obsession led to a curiosity with taking photos + I received a camera on my 10th  birthday. So, while my friends were off sharing snacks during our school field trips, I was off taking photos of the kids enjoying themselves (and to snap a few of my crush since social media wasn't around).


It's simple. I just want to work with people who are overall good humans, who value family, believe in true love & know how to enjoy life.


-I listen to really loud hip hop on the way to weddings. Sometimes I'm the hype man, sometimes I'm the rapper. You never know who you're getting. I also enjoy carpool karaoke with my passengers.

-I can carry a whole conversation with memes and gifs.

-I love lists, organization and plans. However, if things don't go as planned my general attitude is "No worries, let's roll with it". You have to be part MacGuyver in this industry

-My favorite parts of the wedding (besides the sentimental moments, of course) are the food + dancing! If you have an amazing DJ don't be surprised to see me shoulder shimmying my way around the dance floor, camera in hand.




(photo credits: sweet marie/mindy aagaard, robyn navarro, daniel dearco, myself and my handy iphone)